We ship all over Europe to any address you want. Fixed prices for shipping are:

  • Windsurfboard € 95,- per board
  • 1 -3 Windsurf sails € 55,- per shipment
  • 4 or more Windsurf sails € 75,- per shipment
  • 1-3 Windsurf booms € 55,- per shipment
  • 1-3 Windsurf masts € 55,-per shipment
  • 1-3 Wingfoils € 45,- per shipment
  • 1-3 Wingfoil wings, € 35,- per shipment
  • Other hardware and UK deliveries we do on quotation “case-by-case”

As soon as we have received your order we will inform you about the shipment date and send you the track and trace code. We change gear several times per year and therefore is in perfect condition. All our gear is checked and proven ready before we ship it to you. We ship all over Europe for fixed prices and to the United Kingdom to any address you want, if you provide us your UK address we can calculate a shipping price. Our windsurf gear is not stored in the sun or outside and therefore it is in very good condition