Severne Nano2 82


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Status: available
Delivery date: now
Model year: 2020
Gear state:  Good
Rating: 7/ out of 10
Brand: Severne
Serie: Nano2
Foil ready: No
Volume: 82
Discipline: Wave

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The new Nano takes the compact waveboard concept to the next level.
Experiments with rocker, bottom contours, surface area distribution, and fin placement have delivered significant improvements in stability and all-around sailability. On top of that, acceleration and tight radius turning have also been enhanced with the addition of multiple channels in the tail. Aesthetics are aggressive. Performance is electrifying. Versatility is massive.

Inspired by Tomo’s new-school surfboards, the Nano is a fresh wavesailing sensation.
Its parallel rails mean the width is narrower than on a traditional board, which makes it feel like you’re sailing a smaller board. The efficiency of the parallel rails means you’re up and planing as if you were riding a bigger board.
Initially conceived as a small wave, onshore biased design, the Nano proved to be so much more:

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September 2021