Severne Mako 2020 91


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Status: For Reserve
Delivery date: Mid September
Model year: 2020
Gear state: Good
Condition: 7/ out of 10
Brand: Severne
Serie: Mako
Volume: 91
Foil Ready: No
Discipline: Wave

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1 in stock

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If you love sending it down the line, smashing through lips, launching off liquid mountains and

carving through bowls at full throttle then you’ll know exactly what the Mako is all about.

Traditional outlines combined with modern design features give a fresh new take on the classic waveboard. Reduced widths and a pronounced hip between the feet recreate the parallel rail effect for efficiency, acceleration and drive.

Versatile enough for use in a wide range of conditions, the Mako can be ridden as quad for down the line S-turns or alternatively as a thruster for cross-onshore drive and upwind ability.

With its geometry focused on control and stability this board gives you the confidence to step up your wave game. A wider foot spacing and increased span between mast base and footstraps gives a very solid stance from which to power into any move.

Refined rails, reduced tail area and performance rocker mean that the Mako is the real deal.

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Weight 6,4 kg
Dimensions 229 × 58 cm