Severne 2021 S1 Red 4.8


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Status: For Reserve
Delivery date: Mid Feb
Model year: 2021
Gear state: Good
Condition: 7/ out of 10
Brand: Severne
Serie: S-1
Size: 4.8
Color: Red
Discipline: Wave

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1 in stock

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The S-1 is a high performance 4 batten wave sail. The reduced batten count makes this sail light, flexible and responsive. Less structural rigidity gives a bigger sweet-spot, and allows the sail to auto-correct during wave-riding by giving the draft just enough movement to ensure constant power delivery.

Developed on an identical platform as the S-1 Pro, this S-1 replicates the dynamic performance in a more accessible construction. Skin tension has been increased on the larger sizes to allow for a wider range of rigging options;
/ Minimal downhaul for light wind power. Still maintains enough tension to stop the sail from distorting over chop or landing jumps.
/ Maximum downhaul for even better top end stability.

The S-1 has more back-hand pressure than the Blade, ensuring there’s always some juice to go vert or launch moves.
Built in quality eM3 materials, SpiderFibre, and with a Dacron luff panel for smooth power delivery, this sail is engineered for performance. Now with eM4 in the lower panels the S-1 is stronger and lighter.

The S-1 is a manoeuvre oriented wave sail for the modern wave sailor.