The S-1 and S-1 PRO are high performance 4 batten wave sails. A reduced batten count makes this sail light, flexible and responsive. Less structural rigidity gives the rig a bigger sweet-spot, and allows the sail to auto-correct during wave-riding by giving the draft just enough movement to ensure constant power delivery.

The S-1 is built with quality eM3 materials, SpiderFibre, and with a diamond shaped Dacron luff panel for smooth power delivery, this sail is engineered for performance. The S-1 Pro introduces CARBON FUSION, the next level in load-path sail design. Panels of highly warp oriented carbon fibre are welded together to form an ultralight skin that reacts and responds to rider input as if it’s alive..

The S-1 and S-1 PRO are maneuver-oriented wave sails for the modern wave sailor.