With its performance pedigree proven by Philip Koster’s multiple World titles, the Blade and Blade Pro are more than capable of delivering the ride of your life. Butter-smooth handling and the stability to extend both ends of the wind-range mean you enjoy every minute of your time on the water.

For riders demanding dependable performance across a wide wind range, you simply can’t beat the stability and control that 5 battens provide. Based on this fundamental Severne built the Blade and Blade PRO to be the ultimate all-rounder wave sail.

Increased luff curve adds skin tension to hold the profile forward and low to maximize wind range. A Dacron luff panel allows elastic expansion under load, furthering the draft-forward bias when conditions get extreme. The control-oriented geometry sets the rake angles to maintain downforce at the mast base whilst setting the clew below shoulder height where it can be most easily managed. The stance is balanced with the upper shaping moved forward to put less pressure on the back leg and reduce fin load.

Constructed entirely out of premium X-Ply, the Blade is one of the most durable sails on the market, yet intelligent design means it’s also one of the lightest. SpiderFibre technology has radically reduced swing weight whilst also creating a much stronger clew. Dyneema window X-Ply allows for unrestricted vision. Upper panels in eM3 reduce swing weight.

The HyperSpider membrane of the Blade PRO consists entirely of high-tech fibres: Technora for the body fibre, and now Dyneema for the X-Ply to increase strength. The pinnacle of windsurf sail materials.