Dieter Van der Eyken
21 years of windsurfing
Age: 28
Pro windsurfer since 2010

Best results:
2015 Freestyle World champion
Belgium wave champion
Multiple national wave & freestyle victories.


Dieter Van der Eyken, originaly from Belgium but since 2017 resident in Tenerife to enjoy the consistent winds it has on offer & keep prepared for the upcoming worldcup Events.

10 years on tour, 1 worldtitle in the bag in Freestyle and multiple top 10 finishes in the waves make Dieter on of the most overall top sailor in the world. Know for his calculated, controlled and consistent style he has pretty much broken down each manouvre in windsurfing into detail and can help you further to improve your sailing skills faster with his 21 years of windsurfing experience.

From improving your jibes, going for your first wave riders till landing the your first backloops. He will be able to help you further each step of the way during his coaching sessions.

Enjoy a coaching session with one of the best sailors in the world right here at his home spot in Tenerife.

Min coaching requirements:

Sailing comfortably upwind & downwind in straps & harness. No problems with water starts and well-motivated to improve your sailing skills with a smile on your face.


PRIVATE COACHING 1 Person 2 person 3 person
1 h 50 euro 90 euro 120 euro
2h 85 euro 130 euro 175 euro
3h 120 euro 180 euro 240 euro
FULL DAY* 200 euro 300 euro 400 euro

*FULL DAY COACHING INCLUDING full evening DEBRIEF & video footage with 2 session on the water. Multiple Masterclasses available as well during the year with 4 days of coaching on a 7 day window!